Terroir Kalecik "Priceless Heritage"

Terroir Kalecik 'Priceless Heritage' The most important feature of the Kalecik region is the vicinity of the surrounding mountains to the vineyards. The region is about 700 meters above the sea level, therefore the temperature difference between day and night is considerable. This difference is an important factor with regard to the quality of the grapes. On the other hand, the soil of Vinkara is very suitable for the production of quality wines. The selected grape type to be cultivated in these soil is also important. The history of these lands and the “Kalecik Karası” means that we own the roots of a culture that we must introduce to everyone. We believe the introduction of this culture is the main responsibility of Vinkara.

In my opinion the best wine expert is the one who does not miss anything offered by nature. In order to achieve quality in a vineyard, one should be very very meticulous and careful. Then one should possess important techniques applicable in the production line in order to put forward the quality of the wine. Here we have the opportunity of using some of the most modern techniques.

There is one thing that I attach great importance to and repeat quite often: the origin of wine is in Anatolia. Sources say that the origin of wine is somewhere between Armenia and Caucasia. This is the indicated location. Although wine and grapes might not be very popular in Turkey, they have been used for ages. We, as Vinkara, wanted to contribute to this history by adding a small brick.

I acknowledged and was convinced that all the essential resources were available at the vineyard.

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Marco Monchiero, Oenologist


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